Whose artwork is this?

This is my most recent illustration work. My name is Brian Garvey. I do drawings and paintings and all kinds of creative projects. Currently I'm developing my own graphic novel which you can check out here.

Why should you contact me?

You can drop me a line for any reason; I'd love to hear feedback or if you're interested in hiring me for a commission, representing me, collaborating, or just want to know more about me. Please go to the contact page. I'm a friendly guy so don't worry about it, just get in touch!

What does Sengarden mean?

"Sen" is a syllable with a bit of a backstory. Originally it was a tag I adopted back when I was a young kid who wanted to be a graffiti artist. Originally I wrote "SHRINE" but I wanted something easier to write. So I googled "shrine" and one of the results was senja fuda, which is a Japanese shrine where you write little prayers and place them on the walls. I thought that was a good analog to graffiti and plus I was interested in zen buddhist philosophy.

Sen also appears in such words as "sentience", "sense", and also just happens to be the name given to Chihiro in Spirited Away (great movie).

I had to register a domain name for my portfolio site. After a little brainstorming, and finding out most of my first choices were already taken, I decided to incorporate SEN with "zen garden," the careful composition of elements to be looked at for aesthetic pleasure. Zen garden → SENgarden. And there you have it, that's why my website is called SENgarden.